music fan talks about music

2 Nov says these are my top 15 tracks over the last 12 months:

1 Play
Duran DuranTempted full track
Loved track
2 Play
Franz FerdinandUlysses full track
3 Play
6 Play
Kings of LeonFour Kicks full track
10 Play
12 Play
13 Loved track
14 Play Loved track
15 Play Loved track

Yes.  The Spice Girls.  Shut up.

Nothing else looks out of place:  The Raconteurs have been on heavy rotation here awhile now, mainly because Jack White yanks my chain in a huge way.  Franz Ferdinand’s last album was deliciously seedy and you know the Beastie Boys are never far from any of my playlists.  And people? I don’t often dig Clash covers but Annie Lennox’s funked-up version of ‘Train In Vain’  is made of bass and angst.  I highly recommend it.

Interestingly, though The Police are the largest part of my musical existence (along with Duran Duran – again, I say, shut up!), they only have five albums and so its rare they turn up on any “most-played list”.  I regard their music with something approaching mystical reverence, so just assume that I’ll hear at least one track on a regular basis and that track will very likely ‘Darkness’

For your edification, my favorite track at 8:10 pm is ‘Peaches’ by The Stranglers.


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