Lucky there’s a Family Guy

1 Dec

In 1999, the funniest show ever drawn premiered on Fox.  It has been preferred viewing at our house since its beginning.  Last season it was nominated for an Emmy – not as Best Animated Comedy but as Best Comedy Period. In between, it has become the first television show since The Simpsons that I have ever felt any compulsion to watch regularly Lost?  American Idol?  Fuck you. Give me sharp writing, snappy animation and humor that makes me snort like a fifth grader.  Also?  I would marry Brian Griffin if I weren’t already married.  Oh, and if he weren’t a dog.  Hey! Intelligent males are at a premium…shut up!

I’ll give you better than that though: my 18 year old son has grown up on Family Guy.  Doesn’t say much for my parenting skills but it’s a fact. However, I won’t apologize: Family Guy has given him access to American pop culture history that he wouldn’t have otherwise had as well as lessons in timing, lyricism and voice acting.  The creators of Family Guy: the writers, the producers, the animators and directors, they’ve educated him and formed his ambitions towards comedy, writing and performance. He can sing all the music and recite a good many lines in character.

So between educating my son and keeping the family spirits up through any drama, the show feels like…well, family.   I’m a freak for it, no fake, so expect much babble about Family Guy and its bastard cousins American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

Join us next time when we’ll speculate on when Gina from Peter’s work will finally make her appearance.


One Response to “Lucky there’s a Family Guy”

  1. pmack December 4, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    oh meg, you and yer drugs…

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