love rollercoaster

8 Jan

December is always such an uphill struggle for me. I can’t wait to get through the Holidaze and by January, I’m delighted to get back to some kind of real life.

I thought about this as I absorbed my daily caffeine ration this morning (a large bowl cup of very strong coffee), and it occurs to me that the whole year is nothing but a repeating cycle.

January: Determination to avoid mistakes of previous cycle. Spring is on the way, la la la – hope and optimism!
March: BOING! I’m happy, hope you’re happy too! Spring is my favorite season, a time of growth and Great Possibilities. I find it most inspiring.
July: It’s good to be alive and on the river. A nice plateau to simply enjoy being. Besides, in Florida it’s too hot to really do anything else.
September: Hold up, whoa! I’m “insert age here”! I ponder my existence and am usually dealing with unpleasant truths.
November: This part may apply only to me but it has been my experience that most great crises of my life have begun about this time. If things are going to fall to shit, they will be in Full-On Fail Mode in November.
December: Season of Light at the End of the Tunnel. Optimism begins to return.

…and so on since I came into existential awareness.

So, yes, it’s nothing but love roller coaster, with swoops and dips, and not a little fear. The less romantic among you will probably say, “Ding, ding, ding, Seasonal Affective Disorder for $500, Bob!” but that’s just not as catchy and has nothing to do with this tune below, which is what started this post in the first place!

“Let’s go slow, let’s go fast, licorice whip gonna whip your ass…”


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